From the time that I was 5 years old, I knew who and who and what I was going to be. I had no idea how it was going to happen, I just knew that I was clear on what I wanted the career part of my life to look like. Like most kids, I was gradually educated out of my true self, and my dreams started to look far off. They even started to sound a little ridiculous to me. I still held true to my goals, but they were silently sought after. I only shared my thoughts with very close, well-trusted friends, and even then, I shielded some details from them.


side hustle


Most of the people around me, similar to the rest of the world, only believed that my dream could come true if I were lucky enough to have someone else to come and swoop me up in a contest or to discover me (in Indianapolis, IN) singing at church somehow. So, I had to fly under the radar, searching for ways to make my dream work on my own.


When I started working, I only ever worked long enough to get the musical equipment that I needed to improve my talents. Then, I would quit, and get to work on my dream. I never considered working long-term for anyone else. I always looked at having a job as a means to fund my dream. My 9 to 5 was my side hustle, in a way, helping me to build my real career. More people should do the same.


You know the people I’m talking about. They hate Mondays, wish for longer weekends, and they absolutely hate their jobs. Those people need a shift in perspective. They should start to view their 9 to 5s as a way to fund what they really want to do, until they can finally fire their bosses. I recently wrote an article talking about another way to view your job. Once we understand the end goal, we can proceed with better attitudes through what we are currently doing.


My 9 to 5 was always my side hustle, because I couldn’t imagine a life of punching a clock. In fact, once my business has grown to the point where I am purchasing office space and hiring employees, I have no intentions of setting sick days, vacation days, etc. I plan to allow my employees to live their lives. They will enjoy their work, and if they don’t, they don’t belong with my company. We don’t need set times to be at work, when we enjoy our work. We don’t need a limited number of sick or vacation days, when we enjoy our work. I get up every morning and get straight to work. I check off things on my to-do list, daily. I absolutely love what I do. No one has to tell me to get to work or to limit my break times, etc.


hold-on-1When you love what you do, you will do it with no encouragement. You will be proactive. That’s the kind of team that I will build for myself. A fulfilling life is one where you spend the majority of your time doing what you want and need simultaneously. My business has grown immensely, over this last year. I started this site in December of 2015. It has gone through so many changes, but it has all been worth it. I have gained clients, built products, grown my readership, etc. That only happened, because I have been dedicated to working and building something that means a lot to me.


Now my 9 t0 5 (or more accurately, my 24/7 lol) is something that belongs to me, something that I love and enjoy doing daily. If you want to be coached on how to use your 9 t0 5 as a side hustle to build your real career, contact me.

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