All to often, I have seen people who instead of working on their own goals decide to take on someone else’s, simply because they think I can do that too. Whenever a person does something because they think it’s easy or because they see someone else doing it and they either want what they have or they want to compete with that person, they are neglecting their own dream and purpose.

Goal setting

When you have a dream you usually will spend more than the necessary time and money on growing it and making it a reality. When your goals belong to someone else, you will most likely spend all of your time and efforts in frustration, because your only motivation will be to outdo the person you are trying to compete with.


Do yourself and the universe a favor and do what you were purposed to do. It will come much more naturally to you, and you will be happier for doing something you actually enjoy. Also, your work will inspire someone else to fulfill his/her purpose. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!


What is your dream?


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Andriea Denise

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