Before you enter a relationship, there is something that you should consider doing first. That is, if you are interested in having a healthy relationship that lasts. Many people skip this one step and go straight for happily ever after, only to find themselves disappointed and alone once again. However, if you want to stop going through the same cycle of falling in and out of love, you should do this. 

Before You Enter A Relationship


The one thing that I am referring to is loving yourself. If you don’t learn to love yourself before you enter a relationship, you will only see the same negative things in each person you end up with, and you’ll go through many situations of heartbreak and disappointments. Those negative things that you see in others are most likely a reflection of yourself.


If you never take the time to work on yourself, you will always have the same issues, regardless of who you are with. I spent my teens and the early part of my 20s choosing the same guy. Of course the guys had different names, and they all looked different from one another, but they were very similar.


They guys all treated me the same way. I had the same issues with each of them, and I was starting to believe that all men were the same. I hadn’t learned to look within for the problem. In fact, I only thought to do some soul searching after I considered the types of men my father, brothers, and uncles were. They were all faithful, chivalrous men of God. Why was I choosing the bottom of the barrel kind of guys?


You already know the answer to this question by now…I was choosing those guys because of who I was inside. I had low self-esteem, and I accepted whatever came to me, because I didn’t think I could get anyone better. AND I was right…at least, while I believed such a thing. When I started to elevate my thinking and set my sights on better, I started to receive better.


Before You Enter A Relationship, Do This!

You should do the same. Take inventory, and do some self checking to figure out why you are attracting the same things over and over. Then, take the time to make some real changes. Check out my self-care posts. They should help you get started on building a new and healthier foundation to build the rest of your life upon.


I got an idea from Soul Pancake to write myself a love letter. My husband and I wrote letters to ourselves and read them on our web series Dish’n With ISH. Watch us read our letters in the video below, and then go ahead and write your own.


How else could you prepare before you enter a relationship?


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