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Cry or Conquer: The Choice Is Yours

A couple of weeks ago, I learned a very valuable lesson: I have a choice to either conquer obstacles and adversity that I come across or cry about it. Now, I knew this already, but sometimes when I’m in the middle of an experience, I forget what I already know, and need to be reminded. This particular situation, though, sealed the lesson in for me.  (more…)

Setting Daily Goals

Why You Should Set Daily Goals

We live in a world that is all about achieving instant or quick results with minimal effort. Because of this microwave society, most people will be likely to quit on their long-term goals before they ever reach them. This is exactly why setting short-term, daily goals is important. Setting short term goals helps you to stay on track and to keep moving forward, setting new goals, and growing your level of patience for larger, more long-term goals.