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How to Heal Through Handwriting: Releasing The Pain with A Pen

Normally, when people hear the word "journal", they think diary or some place to release my feelings. Journaling can help you heal. Whenever you put pen to paper, while you're upset, you are releasing the pain. If you've ever written down how you were feeling, after a heavy experience, you may have discovered that you felt a little better, lighter, after doing so. Today, I'm sharing a more structured way for you to release your pain onto paper and get more out of the exercise than being able to vent freely. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago

Surrender to Serenity: Achieve Peace with Writing + Giveaway

Life happens quickly, and it's almost too easy to get so caught up in what's happening physically that we forget to attend to the spiritual part of ourselves. We let the outside world get to the inside of us, and some don't even know that this is taking place or what to do about it. To release worry, anger, frustration, doubt, and a plethora of other negative states of mind, and to achieve peace, you have to surrender to serenity. One way to surrender to serenity is to write. Write it all down. Get it all out. This will make room for the good stuff to flow into your life. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago