Sooo…This week, I experienced the worst epic fail in the business that I run with my husband. I am still upset about it, but I’m slowly coming back to my normal, upbeat and positive self. I decided to share this story, because I constantly say that making mistakes is just a part of the game, and I am no exception. I made a major mistake earlier this week that led to my company losing money. Failures are inevitable, but I really wish this failure had not happened. Oh well…spoiled milk.

Epic Fail

My husband and I held 3 intense business meetings last week about new strategies to gain more followers and how to turn those followers into customers. We finally settled on a plan of action. AND it was beautiful! We set the plan in motion, and began to immediately see results.


Just as we launched the portion of our plan that would send people through our sales funnel, something went horribly wrong and we lost several sales. (insert crying emoji) I just sat, reading through order cancellation emails, and growing angrier at every one. There was an issue with the payment gateway on our website, and not one person was able to complete a purchase.


If you know anything about online sales, then you know that those customers are as good as lost forever. People are already a little finicky about purchasing from someone new, and when something goes wrong or has glitches, they will back away quick, and move on. $%!&(@*)$@^&$*  I don’t even curse, but randomly tapping symbol keys just made me feel much better. LOL


The only thing that helps me to look on the brighter side, right now, is the fact that there is a world full of people who we can still reach and sell our products to. That fail was a really bad look for us as a business. We aren’t even new at this, but somehow, we overlooked the need to double check the payment gateway before launching.


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Lesson learned. Moving forward.

I know that I have said not to beat yourself up over mistakes. Although I am not beating myself up, I do feel beat up just a little. These times do NOT feel great, but we live to fight another day (in my Pops voice). That’s a Friday movie reference, if you didn’t catch that, OR if you don’t watch black movies and have no idea what that meant.


Here are 2 ways that you can overcome an EPIC FAIL.


Fix the problem, obviously. Then, create a pre-launch checklist that you can follow for all new launches. That way, you won’t have to remember anything. You’ll refer to the list, and after a while, the list will become 2nd nature to your process. You create a fail-proof plan and set yourself up for success in the future.


If your system captured the customers’ information, like mine did, you can send them a coupon or discount code and hope that brings them back. People are pretty understanding, and because they are human as well (as far as you know), they will probably give it another try. They were willing to make a purchase to begin with, and EVERYBODY loves a sale. Right? If they don’t come back, at least they will know that it was a small mistake and not that you run a sloppy company. Your reaching out to them also shows that you care about your customers and their experience with your business.


At this point, I’m really trying to pep myself up with these silver linings and helpful tips, but hopefully you can take something valuable from my experience as well. Do as I say, kids, not as I do.


Have you had any business-related epic fails? Hearing them right now would make me feel a lot better about my own.



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