I’m not sure that I have shared with you, in the past, that I design t-shirts. It’s a fun past-time of mine. Recently, I designed a new t-shirt that I really like! I call them Glory Tees. I whole-heartedly believe that our hair is our glory, and I treat mine as such…well, now I do.

I have been so adamant about not putting so much effort into my hair. I refuse to be a “product junky”, or spend hours trying to style my hair. BUT I absolutely should take care of my hair, and treat it with some special attention.

This t-shirt is a reminder that our hair is our glory and should be treated well.

Our hair is our glory t-shirts


I needed a little motivation. How about you? How do you treat your hair on a regular? Whether we rock our hair natural or relaxed, it is important to all of us. In fact, the black hair industry is a more than $600 million per year industry, and that information was reported by the Huffington Post in 2014. I would feel confident to say that number has grown in the last two years.

I, for one, promise to take a little more pride in my glory and to put more effort into treating it as something special. Get your Glory Tee here!

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