Growing a blog is hard work! I went through these feelings last month, and I just went through them this morning too. I started to feel down on myself from thinking about my lack of progress. Even though I have seen the number of visitors slowly climbing on my blog, I haven’t seen very many comments on my posts. That feels like no one cares, and I start feeling like maybe I should revamp my content and change what I talk about. I mean, blogs that are into fashion and beauty, hair, and making money seem to have people all over their sites.

Woe Is Me: Growing A Blog Is Hard Work

Why do I keep forgetting that I have not been growing a blog for that long? I get my panties all in a bunch, and then I go to check my numbers again, and see January and February in the stats. That’s when I realize, Girl, you have only been doing this for two months. Chill out! AND although I wish I were seeing more comments on my site, every now and again, I get a heartfelt message from a girl or woman who tells me that my posts have helped her through a tough time. Those emails help me to remember why I started this site. I wanted to help other women.


Maybe they don’t feel comfortable with commenting, because the topic is too private to them. Maybe they would feel embarrassed to join in the conversation. I don’t know why they chose not to leave a comment, but that let’s me know whether or not I’m on the right track with my content. Last night, I thought, Maybe I should change my content while I’m still growing a blog. At least that way I won’t waste time writing about the wrong things. I never really know if I’m on the right track, until I receive a message telling me that my words have helped in some way.


I have heard so many times that I should not compare myself and my site to anyone else’s, and I can honestly say that I have not done that. I mean, I have noticed other blogs and their progress, but only because I was doing research for popular content. I wonder why I put so much pressure on myself to succeed so quickly. I think I had to write this post to send myself just one more reminder to relax and focus on the why. I’m so obsessed with “getting there” that I am missing out on the journey.


[bctt tweet=”I wonder why I put so much pressure on myself to succeed so quickly.”]


I am grateful to have this site and to share this information. I clearly love doing it, because it is one of the few things I have been consistent with in my life. Even when I fell asleep early and didn’t finish a post, I dragged myself out of bed, early the next morning to complete it and to publish it on time. I don’t do that for ANYTHING. LOL


Thanks for letting me vent. I appreciate all of my readers…anonymous or not! Love you gals, and thanks for stopping by my little ole blog!


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