Like many other bloggers, I started my blog wanting to cover a long list of topics, and narrowed it down to three: entrepreneurship, self-care/improvement, and relationships. I had my schedule all planned out, and I NEVER missed a post date. (I’m talking like I’ve been doing this since forever. LOL I literally have been running this blog for almost three months now.) Now, as I am growing as a person, I am wondering if I should narrow things down a bit more.


Growing Inevitably


I mean, I am very passionate about all of the topics that I write about, but I have been thinking about only blogging about business. If I do that, I still would include self-improvement elements, because I still believe that improving one’s self leads to success in many areas of one’s life.


Because my readership is still so very low, I don’t really know which direction to go in. I do entrepreneurship coaching, and I offer some web and graphic design services, so it might be better for me to talk shop on my site. Right? Or do people respond more to lifestyle posts??? 


I’m not stressing about it, though. I tell other people not to be too serious or hung up on the details when they are just starting out, because things will inevitably change as you are growing. I know that this isn’t the first or last change that this site will see, or that I will go through as a blogger and coach. I just want to be sure that what I am serving is what you guys want to consume.


Whatever I write about will be something that I actually feel strongly about. This place of unknowing doesn’t feel that great though. I guess it’s all a part of the pain that comes with growing into a newer version of myself.


How have you grown and/or changed over the years?


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I am aNDriea DEnise, the founder and owner of Though I can be serious at times, I am actually a goofy chick who loves to write, to sing, and to create! In addition to being passionate about helping people create lives they love living, I am passionate about getting my husband to end his love affair with his PlayStation!

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