I get this question a lot, but I absolutely love telling the story! So, here it goes again…

How did I meet my husband?

First, a little backstory is in order.

I was a church girl with a dream of becoming a singer, and the only experience I had was in church and school choirs. I thought I was good, but sometimes, you can’t really gauge just how good (or terrible) you are in church, because everyone cheers you on regardless of your talent. In school, I was part of a chorus, so it was all about blending with other voices. I was awesome at harmonizing. It was the solo singing that I wanted to work on. When singing in a choir, I was comforted by being surrounded by several other people. And when singing in church, I was comforted by being able to sing with my eyes closed, and by the fact that people in church can’t boo you.

So, I took to Myspace.com looking for a few musicians who would play behind me as I toured the city getting my singing chops up. I came across a profile belonging to someone very sure of himself. His username was IAMTHEISH. In the photo was a guy was sitting behind a drumset. His profile read that he was located in Indianapolis, and the photo caption read “Yea, I’m bad on the set”. I thought it was funny, and I messaged him, using my sassiest written voice. Then, I waited for a reply. He messaged me back the next day, saying that he was already in two bands, but that he was willing to help me out in any way that he could. I bet he was! (wink)

He said that his name was Caleb, and he left his number for me to call him. I did. He invited me out to see his band perform. I went…with my boyfriend. And we had a great time! I felt at home, but my boyfriend just saw it as a nice night out together.

Caleb and talked on the phone about my singing experience and my musical goals. I sang for him over the phone, and he invited me to join him on stage and sing Alicia Keys’ “Diary”. I still remember that day in 2007 very vividly. I wore my cutest outfit. At the time, I was trying my best to not be considered a tomboy anymore, so I wore a lot of pink. I had on a pink sweater and a brown, a-line skirt that had pink trim. When he called me up on stage, I was terrified. I sang my song, very mousily, and my legs trembled the entire time. He still talks about that night.

After I finished singing, my boyfriend was ready to go. As we walked out, Caleb asked me if it was okay for him to text me when the event was over. Of course, I said yes, and he did. After a few back and forth texts, we transferred our conversation to the phone.

That night, we talked until the sun came up, about our passions, dreams, families, upbringings. We laughed hard, got serious, and laughed some more. Our conversation was interrupted by my boyfriend calling to wake me up, so that I could drive him to work.

I took him to work, and then went to meet up with Caleb. This became a daily routine. We spent ALL of our time together. He gave me voice lessons. At the time, I was also learning the acoustic guitar, and he taught me to play a song on that too. Needless to say, we grew really close.

I realized I had a problem on my hands, on Valentine’s Day, when I was hoping that Caleb called and asked me out, instead of spending time with my own boyfriend.

The attraction was definitely present, and we tried our best to be respectful of my relationship and to ignore our feelings for each other. BUT my boyfriend and I started getting super rocky, and I eventually called it off. One month later, Caleb officially asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the sweetest thing. I don’t know what guy still does that. I remember the date: June 13, 2007. I don’t know the exact time, but it was late at night.

The rest is history! We got engaged on December 28, 2008 — which is another great story by the way — and we exchanged vows on July 7, 2009. I love me some him. FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER!



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