How to Become An Overnight Success

Let me apologize, if you really have come to this page believing that I would hand over some secret key to overnight success. The truth is, overnight successes don’t exist. People all over the world try something, and when it doesn’t blow up and make them millions of dollars within a couple of weeks, months, years, they quit.
How to Becoming An Overnight Success


Overnight success is an illusion. People who are successful simply move to the forefront of popularity when others start to take notice of their situation. The actuality of their story is that it probably took several years before they started seeing upward spikes in their results. I definitely appreciate all of the people who congratulate me on running my own businesses and traveling to share my art and my story with the rest of the world. I especially appreciate those who knew me before.

Some people remember when I was working on my dream alone. I seemed crazy to most, because even though I wasn’t seeing the results in the physical realm yet, I was working just as hard as if I were. I kept at it, and now, I see results every day.

I recently received an email from my friend, Nicole, who helps people build rockstar businesses. She sent this video clip from Gary Vaynerchuk, the creator of The Wine Library, a now $60M business. In the video, he uses some language a little stronger than my liking, but his message was right on point. He talked about how people constantly congratulate him on being an overnight success, and how that is basically an insult, because he worked his [butt] off for years on end to build his business.

He spoke about how people either quit or look for permission to quit, after only working at something for a couple of months or even a couple of years. I tell people the same things, when they come to me with their sad stories about how God just doesn’t want them to have certain things. I have been working at my craft, since I was 3 years old.

I sat with my little white organ, playing away, until I discovered that I could make beautiful music with my voice. I started singing at 5. I sang every chance I got. Then, I picked up songwriting around 10 or 12. I continued working at it and getting better. I started pursuing a professional career at the age of 16, and I was 24 before I could actually call myself a professional. I was 27 when I finally started traveling the country, performing my original music.

I’ll stop counting my age now…that’s getting a bit uncomfortable. 😜


Anyhow, I love that someone else is “preaching” the same things, because people sometimes think I’m crazy when I say it. Well, now I know that I am not the only person saying these things. Check out Gary V’s video below. You’re welcome!



Gary Vee has also written several books that you may be interested in reading. Check them out here! Now that we’ve laid the ground work, and because I am a woman of my word. Below are my steps to becoming an overnight success. Enjoy!



  1. Believe in yourself.

  2. Work at your craft every single day for as long as it takes. (typically somewhere between 1-100 years)

  3. Learn from your mistakes, adjust, and keep going.

  4. Sacrifice your time and money to build what you desire.

  5. Wake up one morning and enjoy your booming success!


So tell me, has this changed your mind any? Or do you still believe in overnight successes?


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