How to Build Your Brand In 2017

How to Build Your Brand In 2017

What things do you plan to do to build your brand this year? 

Believe it or not, it is nearly impossible for you to build your brand in 2017 without doing some of the things that I am about to share with you. I know that word-of-mouth is still powerful, but in order for you to experience success in your endeavors, you will need to adopt some more updated techniques.

For example, if you sell digital products, it would be extremely difficult to do that by word-of-mouth only. We have talked about branding before, but today, I am giving you a few tools that will help you to build your brand properly in this day and age. Below are some of my tips for brand building in 2017.

Build Your Brand in 2017

How to Build Your Brand in 2017


You Must Use Social Media

To be completely honest, if you are not utilizing social media in your strategy for building your brand, you are definitely missing out on some potential leads, and learning experiences. People freely share their thoughts, struggles, and needs on social media. As an entrepreneur, you should be paying attention, and listening to what they have to say. If a DJ only played songs (s)he wanted to play, without ever learning what songs made the crowd hype, it wouldn’t be long before (s)he would be sitting at home without


You Must Be Genuine

Gone are the days when people can successfully hide behind a persona. People can see through false personalities and smokescreens. Because there are so many options for books, coaches, services, entertainment, etc. people are being more careful with choosing who they follow and/or do business with. You have to be genuine, because if you aren’t, you will lose. People aren’t so forgiving when they find out that they have been deceived in any way. Be honest about who you are and what your intentions are. People really appreciate being able to connect to someone and to get help/results/solutions from them.


You Must Be Selfish

You are your brand. Be yourself. Stay true to your genuine interests. Don’t chase the hottest trends, or what you think people will like. Build based on what you like, and the people that you are supposed to attract will be attracted to your brand.


You Must Be Valuable

When people check you out, make it worth their time. Give them enough value that they feel the need to come back for more. If you are just flooding people’s timelines with nonsense, eventually, your attention will trail off. Provide as much value as possible, and people will trust you and stick around. The mechanic who vacuums your car, and cleans your windows, when you only came in for an oil change is appreciated a lot more than the mechanic who tries to sell you several other products that you don’t need so that he can make a few extra dollars.


You Must Be Consistent

Ever heard the phrase Out of sight, out of mind? In this day and age, where everything is instantaneous and people are used to instant gratification, if you aren’t in the constant flow of streaming content, you will be left behind and forgotten. To combat this, be sure to post consistently. Stay in people’s faces. That way, you will always be on their minds. Consistency is the best way to grow your brand. When people learn that they can expect to see certain things from you, they will gravitate toward you. Though life seems to be moving quickly, people still look for people and brands that they can count on to give them what they need on a consistent basis.


Have fun building your brand this year! Let me know if there are any topics you would like for me to cover.

What things do you plan to do to build your brand this year?

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