Why do women find spiritual men so irresistibly sexy? I can recall a few times in my own life where I witnessed a man of God display his love for the creator, and he instantly grew 10x more attractive to me. I know I’m not the only one in this boat, but I may be the only one talking about this. I hear about women throwing themselves at ministers and other men within the church quite often, and as scary as that may sound, I just had to know…Why?

Godly Men are Sexy

In my own situation, I had to take a step back, and really think about what was happening internally. If I was being honest, I didn’t want those men. I wasn’t even attracted to them, but something made them grow more attractive in my mind. Every time I watch a Willie Moore Jr. video on YouTube, I feel really happy and connected to him. I love seeing a man who is unashamed to praise God in public. AND if he can do that while maintaining swag, OMG! But am I describing sexual attraction?


After really looking at this situation closer, I believe I have finally come up with the answer to why women assume sexual attraction to spiritual men. To explain it well, I have to tell a little story first.


I absolutely love Mali Music! I think that man of God has a powerful message, and I think he does an excellent job of spreading the Gospel through his music. I have come to understand that I am attracted to him, but I know that it’s not a sexual attraction. (Don’t go calling my husband and telling on me just yet.)


Now, I have seen Mali in concert a couple of times,  and in person, he reminds me so much of my youngest brother. I definitely am NOT sexually attracted to my brother. However, something draws me to Mali. Is his music so good that it makes me feel for him on a personal level? Nah. I mean, his music is REALLY good, but I also LOVE Beyonce aka 👑🐝, and I don’t feel the same way towards her.


If you have ever seen Mali Music in concert, I am willing to bet that he has looked you right on your eyeballs at some point during a song. Last February, he came to Chicago to perform songs off of his album Mali Is…While he was doing his thing on stage, he made eye contact with me, and I felt a connection. It was the same connection that I had felt in the past, whenever I witnessed a man of God express himself spiritually. But if it isn’t sexual attraction that I was experiencing, then what was it, you ask?


It was a spiritual connection. The God in me recognized the God in him, and that bond was strong. It felt familiar. At first, I thought it might have been because he reminds me of my brother, but it couldn’t have been that. The feeling was too gripping to merely be from a familiar face.


On the other end of the spectrum, when he made eye contact with a girl a few people down from me, I heard her yell to her friend, “Ooh girl he lookin’ at me! He so sexy…” I bucked my eyes in judgement, thinking how in the world are you getting turned on at a Gospel concert? Then, I immediately prayed that Mali Music was able to resist temptation while he was on tour, so that he could stay focused on his mission.


The lady’s comments made me question, for a second, if his stares were filled with lust or if it was something else. As much as I have heard him speak, I have decided that he is the real deal, and I couldn’t imagine that he would be selling sex while singing to God.


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Sooo…Why do women get their feelings confused and think they are experiencing sexual attraction toward a godly man? I have come to the conclusion that they simply don’t recognize a spiritual encounter when they are faced with it. There is something very powerful about a man who lives in worship of God, and being in his presence just may feel good. That is no reason or excuse, though, to take that feeling and run with it.


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Have you ever experienced misguided feelings or witnessed something similar?



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