Although I am as MAC as they come, I absolutely love that android commercial that says “Be together, not the same.” That message is so powerful, but unfortunately, so many of the people in our world don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. They constantly compromise their authenticity in order to make someone else happy. I’d like to believe that most people want to, but because of the pressure to “fall in line” or get left behind is so heavy, they end up being cookie cutters of everyone else.


Think about it…something happens in the news, and a lot of people don’t know where they stand on a certain issue. Then, some person speaking extremely loud and bold about their feelings posts a video, and suddenly people “know” what they think. Typically, they side with the person who speaks the loudest.


I know that I’m always the one going against the grain, but once again, I don’t subscribe to this way of life. In fact, I have been the opposite of everyone else most of my life. Of course, there were times, during my school days, when I felt the pressure to fit in…and believe me, I tried, but it NEVER worked out for me.


After a lot of years, some maturity, and revelation, I realized that I was never made to fit into those molds. I was supposed to be an odd ball. I tried to go with the flow and ended up compromising my integrity. I agreed to things that I shouldn’t have, and ended up in dangerous situations. I compromised my standards, and ended up in relationships that were toxic to me. Any of these sound familiar?


I spent the majority of my life fighting to freely be an individual, and now that I am 100% authentically myself, I could never go back to the robotic ways of the world. Below is why you should never compromise on who you truly are.

Why You Should Never Compromise


I. You will never reach true happiness.


If you ever compromise who you truly are, you will always feel empty inside, wishing that you led a different life, rather than being happy with the one you have. It may seem scary to be blatantly honest with yourself about who you are and what is holding you back from being public about it, but it is so freeing to get that part over with so that you can start living your real life.


II. You will never reach your full potential and find your purpose in life.


If someone else is telling you who to be, how to think, and how to live your life, you will never be able to spread your wings and to soar at the things you are supposed to do. Don’t let life and time pass you by living someone else’s reality. Live in your purpose, starting today.


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III. You will never know how awesome you are.


One of the best things in life is being introduced to yourself, and completely knowing who you are. If you knew how unique and amazing you were underneath the opinions and dictations of other people, you would have taken control of your life a long time ago. You don’t have to compromise your integrity or your happiness for one other person on this planet. You deserve to be every bit of the person you are. You were designed to stand out and to be your best self!


Fight for you…don’t wait another second. You need yourself to be 100% authentic, and you need it to happen right now. Your future self will thank and love you for it!


Have you been living your life for you, or have you been compromising for other people in your life?

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