I don’t consider myself a shallow girl, which is why I have dated guys who had no car. In fact, the first guy that I dated who did have a car…I married him! Whenever I have heard girls go on and on about how they would never date a guy who didn’t have a car, I classified them as certified gold-diggers, but what if there was something to what they were saying?


I mean, I don’t think the girls were thinking beyond the surface level with their rants about how wealthy a man needs to be before he can get with them, but maybe there was something there worth exploring. The first guy that I dated was in high school when we met. So, I won’t be too hard on him…and he did eventually get a car. BUT as for those other dudes? They were grown men, and we lived in a city where having a car is very necessary. There are no L-trains in Indianapolis, and I could probably count on my fingers how many times I have seen a bus there.

Guys with No Car


Of course, I am speaking from my own experience, but what do I think having no car means? Let’s compare the no-car guys to the guys I dated who had cars. Oh…I guess I should mention that the one other guy who had a car took me out on one date. Then, we agreed to just be friends, and hung out a few times afterwards.


Guys With No Car

  • Always seemed to have something to hide
  • Wasn’t very ambitious
  • Always preferred to chill out or hang around the house instead of go out
  • Blamed others for his failures
  • Never seemed to have enough money to cover his expenses
  • Was willing to take money from me
  • Expected me to take care of him
  • My family and friends didn’t care for him


Guys With A Car

  • Always seemed genuine and consistent
  • Self-sufficient
  • Had set goals
  • Behaved as a gentleman and was very chivalrous
  • Refused to take money from me
  • My family and friends absolutely loved him


I’m not saying…I’m just saying. There seems to be a clear distinction between the guys with cars and the guys without. This isn’t about gold-digging. It’s about finding a man of quality, and from my research, it seems that the men who don’t have cars are lacking in other areas too.


I’m not telling you to weed out every man based on this information alone. You might live in a major city, where having a car is unnecessary. There may be other things that factor into him not having a car. Use your discretion. Especially since there are some duds (yes, duds) out there who have cars and are worse than the ambition-lacking guys.


I guess what I’m trying to say is think about things before you accept anything that comes your way. I was taking in strays, thinking I wasn’t a shallow girl who would turn a man away based on material things. BUT some material things are necessary for life…like furniture. No shade, but if you invite me over, saying you’re cooking for me, and when I get there, we have to eat in your bedroom, because the only place to sit is on your bed, that’s a problem. If I say yes to dating you, and suddenly I’m your ride to work, that’s a problem. If we can’t talk or text because you’re phone is cut off every other month, that’s a problem. If every time you go out with the guys, and you instantly become the scrub that TLC sang about…Houston, we have a problem!


Do you know what I’m saying? Do you see what I mean? It is perfectly fine for a man to be a work in progress, but it is not your job to fix him up, or to accept less than what you have and what you deserve.


So, tell me, have you ever dated a guy without a car? If so, was he similar to or different from the guys I experienced?

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