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Take Control of Your Life (Ebook + Audio) Bundle

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This book gives you clear, actionable steps to take that will help you to gain control of your life, and to steer it in the direction of your choosing. With the audio book, you’ll get your dose of inspiration, while you are driving, sitting at your desk at work, or exercising at the gym. The ebook is a quick read. Enjoy your journey to a better version of you.

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If you are ready to commit to making positive changes that will enhance your life and place you on the right track to achieving all that you desire, order your copy now! How to Take Control of Your Life & Make It Amazing is all about embracing who you are and uncovering the best version of yourself that has always lived inside of you. Take this advice, and you will be on your way to creating an amazing life for yourself.


Bundle Includes:

  • Ebook download
  • Audiobook download


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Audiobook Details

Title: How to Take Control of Your Life & Make It Amazing (Audiobook)
Format: mp3 audio file
Length of Time: (14:14)
Music Composer: Andre Lee, 61 Keyz Music, LLC

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