I saw a video of a guy who was blindfolded, and he had to complete a Fear Factor-like task by reaching into a glass container to touch something. The video was hilarious, because inside of the container was a teddy bear, but the guy was jumping around and screaming every time he touched it. The scariest part of his challenge was not knowing what the heck he was touching. How does this apply to new entrepreneurs?


Scariest Entrepreneur


Nowadays there are millions of people dreaming of being business owners, and while more and more people are transitioning into entrepreneurship, some can’t seem to get over the scariest hump associated with starting a business…The Unknown. Even though people are excited to finally take that leap from working for someone else to working for themselves, some never seem to get their business off of the ground, because they refuse to move in any direction for fear of not knowing what comes next.


On a recent sales call, my client shared with me that she was a little intimidated by the knowledge that she lacked as a new entrepreneur. She said that the scariest part was not knowing exactly what to do, and she was afraid to not get it right. This is a common feeling that most entrepreneurs experience when they are first starting out. 


Honestly, we’re probably just all perfectionists, and don’t want to launch anything unless it is perfect. That is no way to live though. The scariest part of life is not knowing, but if you change your perspective, the unknown could be more of an adventure.


Below is a list of ways you can stand up to the scariest part of entrepreneurism.

Loosen up.

This literally is not rocket science. It’s okay to relax. When I started, I thought that I had to act super “buttoned up”, but I hate that feeling. I started noticing how a lot of other entrepreneurs had their own funky styles, and I observed how laid back they were. That taught me to accept myself for who I am and not for who I think I’m supposed to be based on my title or position. Shake it off and be open to your business looking different from anything else you’ve already seen. Besides, uniqueness is one of the things that helps you stand out in the crowd.


Embrace change.

As you change, your business will change too. Don’t get so hung up on having the perfect logo, website, slogan, etc. The important thing is that you get started. As you grow, your business will grow and transform. Things will start to shape up. People actually appreciate watching a business grow into its branding. It makes them feel like an insider to have been around for so long.


Make mistakes.

This is a part of change as well. Making mistakes is inevitable, because you are human. We all make mistakes. Remember my recent fail in business? It happens. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Learn from your mistakes and keep it moving.


Enjoy the journey.

People become business owners for several reasons, but I’m assuming that you wanted to become an entrepreneur so that you could have more control over your time, and so that you could bring about change and help other people. If you are busy stressing over changes, mistakes, and other things, I’m guessing you’re not having much fun with your time and that you aren’t focused on those other people you’re supposed to be helping. Once you have the basics down, take some time to enjoy your journey. Focus on what really matters…the reason you started.


What has been the scariest part of entrepreneurship for you?


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