Wisdom Wednesday “Hold Your Peace”

Wisdom Wednesday “Hold Your Peace”

It is very common that people who have experienced God’s power work in their lives are extremely excited to share with other people. In fact, some have gone so far as to force their testimonies and beliefs on others. The problem with this is that some people aren’t ready or willing to hear what they have to say. Others just may not be in the place to accept of adopt that way of living. Because of this, it is wise to hold your peace.

It is good that you want to share your experience and God’s word with other people. It is also great that you don’t have to say a word for people to see and understand God’s favor and grace on your life. Your life tells people more about you than you can ever really say in words. I know that it is difficult to hold your peace, when God has been so instrumental in your life, but after this week’s lesson, maybe you’ll think differently.

Wisdom Wednesday “Hold Your Peace”

Our Wisdom Wednesday message for this week came from Proverbs 23:9, which states “Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.” I took this to mean that we should gain wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures, but we should be very selective about who we share that wisdom with. Someone who doesn’t believe will diminish and hate what you are saying, because it isn’t meant for that person to understand things of the Spirit.

The bible tells us, in other areas, just how we should regard those who are considered fools. According to the dictionary, a fool is a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person. From the definition alone, we can gather that a fool doesn’t do well with wisdom. According to the bible, a fool is one who says that there is no God. (Psalms 53:1)

Watch this week’s episode (Wisdom Wednesday “Hold Your Peace”) to see what my advice is for dealing with fools, when it comes to sharing the word of God.

Study Further

What does the bible have to say about fools?

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How to Come Out of Your Personal Wilderness

How to Come Out of Your Personal Wilderness

In the bible’s book of Exodus, we learn that the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, because they refused to trust God and to do what he asked of them. God rescued them from Egypt, when they were held captive by Pharaoh. They complained and doubted every step of the way. They created their own gods to worship. In doing these things, they hindered their own progress. Their journey of about 200 miles, would have normally taken a couple of weeks to travel. Instead of leaving Egypt and arriving at the Promised Land in Canaan soon after, they spent 40 years struggling in the wilderness. Read more

Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It

Morning Motivation with Andriea DeniseEveryone has been talking about how life used to be so carefree and enjoyable, compared to now. Now, some people have started to say and believe that life has become a chore that we must complete. I’ve heard that life isn’t fair, and that we just have to do the best with what we were given.

While I empathize with these people, I can’t help but disagree to a certain extent. If life has gone from carefree to completely stressful, my friend, it is because that is what you have allowed and accepted into your reality. Sometimes, we go through tough situations, and they cause us to lose sight of the truth, which is we were built tough enough to endure circumstances.  Some people say that they are doing the best that they can, but that may not be entirely true. When you do something with all of your might, things start to move out of your way to allow you to achieve your desired results. I know I wouldn’t stand in the way of a person moving full speed ahead. Would you?

I get it, you might have gotten distracted, but you can always find your way back to your center. Your center is your happiness, your balance. Don’t lean too much to one side and forget about the other part of life.

Now, life isn’t fair to those who compare their story to someone else’s. Then, they will never see balance in their life, because they aren’t looking at their own. Instead, they are looking around and mistakenly assuming that they should have what someone else has, or that they should be doing what someone else is doing.

God may have something greater than what you are looking at and desiring. You have to work on your own purpose, so that you can see what can come of it. In Matthew 25, the bible talks about how the kingdom of heaven is as a man who has to travel afar leaves his “goods” with his servants. He leaves 5 talents with one man, 2 talents with another, and the with the last, 1 talent.

talent is currency, and the Lord gave every man a certain amount according to his ability. The men who were given the five and two talents went out and doubled them. The man who was given one went out and buried his in the ground.

There is so much that we could discover in this chapter of Matthew, but there is only one point I want to make in this article. If you are spending your time looking around at what other people have, or at how hard you think life is, you are burying the talents that you were given.

You have the power to change your thinking, right now. You can begin to be faithful over what you have now. The bible says that if you are faithful over a little, God will make you a ruler over much. (Matthew 25:21)

Take Action: Literally take action and use every talent, skill, and ability you have to serve your purpose on this earth. Make it so that you will be able to say you did EVERYTHING that you could with EVERYTHING that you had.

What to Do When You Fail at Faith

What to Do When You Fail at Faith

For the most part, those of us who claim to be spiritual all believe that we have strong faith. That is, until something happens in our lives that actually tests our faith. Then, the truth comes out. Those who truly believe see positive results, while everyone else falls into a dark hole of doubt and frustration…and if you are reading this, you might fall in the latter category.


Whenever you find yourself in a situation that shows you that your faith isn’t where you thought it was, you might feel terrible and even start to question spirituality in general. Do any of the following questions sound familiar to you? What the heck are the answers? Why can’t I get it right? How did other people figure it out? Why is this stuff so hard to understand? Can’t it just be laid out plainly? How do I know if I really have faith? I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve asked all of these questions before.


Faith is something that takes a lot of practice to strengthen and to grow. While it is normal to feel bad when things don’t turn out the way you wanted, you shouldn’t stay in that space and beat yourself up about it. I’ve come up with the following things to help you to stay encouraged and to get back on the track of your faith walk.

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What to Do When You Fail at Faith



Remember that there are levels to this. The bible even states that certain types of works through faith only come by fasting and prayer (Matthew 17:21). There are some things that we can speak and see come to fruition. There are other things that we have to pray on several times. And then there are things that we need to fast and pray about. If you don’t see what you’ve applied your faith to, try again, and keep trying until you do see it.



Ask yourself if you’ve been specific enough in your request. My husband and I play a game, where we always say that there’s a check in the mail, whenever we go to collect it from the mailbox. We finally realized that there was always a check in the mail, but it wasn’t what we were looking for. There would be refill checks for our checkbooks, check order forms, advertisements that look like checks, but no checks addressed to us that we could cash. We laughed about it, and decided to be more specific. Just when we did that, we received a check in the mail from our bank, saying that we had overpaid in fees. Be very specific about exactly what you want.



Remember that faith always should be applied with works attached (James 2:20). Some people pray for things, but never make any effort to obtain them. When you apply your faith to something, you absolutely must jump into action. You can’t ask God to give you a college degree, and then sit at home in front of the TV, expecting to receive one. Right? Decide on what you want, apply your faith to obtaining it, and then get moving toward whatever it is.



Never give up on expecting to get the results that you want. Sometimes, you will learn things along the way that let you know that what you want is a little further off than what you were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not coming. Learn and make adjustments so that you can get to what you want. If you want to lose weight, and you continue to educate yourself and make healthy choices, you definitely will lose weight. It may also help to enlist the help of someone else to believe with you (Matthew 18:20).


If these four things seem too simple to you, it may be that you have been overthinking things. Nowadays, we want what we want, and we want it immediately. Some things come to us immediately, but other things (a lot of things) come on a different schedule than our own. Just stick with it. Your faith is fine right where it is. You can always strengthen and grow it. Take it one day at a time, and you’ll see just how far you’ve come on your faith walk.


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What have you applied your faith to lately? Has it come to fruition yet?