Growing Inevitably

Growing Pains

Like many other bloggers, I started my blog wanting to cover a long list of topics, and narrowed it down to three: entrepreneurship, self-care/improvement, and relationships. I had my schedule all planned out, and I NEVER missed a post date. (I’m talking like I’ve been doing this since forever. LOL I literally have been running this blog for almost three months now.) Now, as I am growing as a person, I am wondering if I should narrow things down a bit more.


Growing Inevitably


I mean, I am very passionate about all of the topics that I write about, but I have been thinking about only blogging about business. If I do that, I still would include self-improvement elements, because I still believe that improving one’s self leads to success in many areas of one’s life.


Because my readership is still so very low, I don’t really know which direction to go in. I do entrepreneurship coaching, and I offer some web and graphic design services, so it might be better for me to talk shop on my site. Right? Or do people respond more to lifestyle posts???  (more…)