Guys with No Car

No Wheels No Deal: He Didn’t Have A Car!

I don’t consider myself a shallow girl, which is why I have dated guys who had no car. In fact, the first guy that I dated who did have a car…I married him! Whenever I have heard girls go on and on about how they would never date a guy who didn’t have a car, I classified them as certified gold-diggers, but what if there was something to what they were saying?


I mean, I don’t think the girls were thinking beyond the surface level with their rants about how wealthy a man needs to be before he can get with them, but maybe there was something there worth exploring. The first guy that I dated was in high school when we met. So, I won’t be too hard on him…and he did eventually get a car. BUT as for those other dudes? They were grown men, and we lived in a city where having a car is very necessary. There are no L-trains in Indianapolis, and I could probably count on my fingers how many times I have seen a bus there.

Guys with No Car


Of course, I am speaking from my own experience, but what do I think having no car means? Let’s compare the no-car guys to the guys I dated who had cars. Oh…I guess I should mention that the one other guy who had a car took me out on one date. Then, we agreed to just be friends, and hung out a few times afterwards. (more…)