power of veto overcoming negative thoughts

The Power of Veto: Overcoming Negative Thinking

Whether you know it or not, you have the power of veto over your thoughts. Many people falsely believe that the thoughts that cross their minds belong to them. Some even believe that there is something wrong with them, because negative thoughts seem to come frequently and flood their minds. The truth is that you don’t have to allow any thought to occupy space in your mind, if you don’t want it there.


Friendship shouldn't happen out of obligation. You should be screening your friends.

Are You Screening Your Friends?

Are you screening your friends? You should be.┬áPeople everywhere are friends with some people, because they weren’t bold enough to say no. I know I’m guilty. I didn’t even think screening friends was a thing, until I became an adult. Some people are only supposed to be in your life for a┬áseason. As harsh as it may sound, that is the reality. (more…)