Why You Should Set Daily Goals

We live in a world that is all about achieving instant or quick results with minimal effort. Because of this microwave society, most people will be likely to quit on their long-term goals before they ever reach them. This is exactly why setting short-term, daily goals is important. Setting short term goals helps you to stay on track and to keep moving forward, setting new goals, and growing your level of patience for larger, more long-term goals. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago

Are You Living In Faith Or Fear?

I am going to just assume that you have already heard of the saying "Faith and fear cannot coexist." Just in case you haven't heard it by some chance, it means that you have to choose one or the other. You can't be fearful and be faithful at the same time. It just doesn't make sense, and it doesn't work. It's impossible, in fact. I know that many people, myself included, have said time and time again that nothing is impossible, but this actually is the exception to the rule. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago

Why You Might Need To Trash Your Vision Board

Like everybody else in the world who is trying to do something better with their life, I jumped on the vision board bandwagon. I was all in as a member of Oprah's LifeClass, and I was so ready to start manifesting everything that I wanted. The problem...I wasn't ready (in my Kevin Hart voice). No doubt, I wanted the things that I had cut out and pasted onto my board, but I made two mistakes. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago