5 Mistakes People Make When Going After Their Dreams

When most people finally decide to live their dream for real, they feel excited and ready to take on the world. Although having this feeling is great, the next move that the dreamer makes isn't always the best. A lot of the time, the daring dreamer has no idea how to get started, or has no idea as to how things work, and they end up making the same 5 dreamer mistakes that cost them valuable time and money. I must say that I only know these things, because I made these mistakes myself, and as more and more people decide to step out on faith and live their own dreams, I am seeing a lot of them head right down that same ugly road. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago
Marriage & Relationships

7 Major Dating Mistakes I Made

They say that hindsight is 20/20. For the most part, that is the case, but in some situations, people tend to go around and around in circles. I was one of those people. I made the same mistakes over and over and over when it came to men and dating. I don't buy into the whole "she didn't have her father around" excuse either, because my parents have been married for 33 years, and I am such a daddy's girl.  (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago