The Scariest Thing About Becoming An Entrepreneur

I saw a video of a guy who was blindfolded, and he had to complete a Fear Factor-like task by reaching into a glass container to touch something. The video was hilarious, because inside of the container was a teddy bear, but the guy was jumping around and screaming every time he touched it. The scariest part of his challenge was not knowing what the heck he was touching. How does this apply to new entrepreneurs?   Scariest Entrepreneur   Nowadays there are millions of people dreaming of being business owners, and while more and more people are transitioning into entrepreneurship, some can't seem to get over the scariest hump associated with starting a business...The Unknown. Even though people are excited to finally take that leap from working for someone else to working for themselves, some never seem to get their business off of the ground, because they refuse to move in any direction for fear of not knowing what comes next.   On a recent sales call, my client shared with me that she was a little intimidated by the knowledge that she lacked as a new entrepreneur. She said that the scariest part was not knowing exactly what to do, and she was afraid to not get it right. This is a common feeling that most entrepreneurs experience when they are first starting out.  (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago