Are You Reinforcing Negativity or Reinventing Your Experiences?

So 10 years ago, this week, I wrote this in my journal... " September 4, 2007 Life has been a little rough for me, the past couple of weeks. I know, there are people who have it way worse than I do, but in MY world, things haven't been so great. [...] I'll get it right. I have to. I wish I had time to work on my novel. [...] "     Yep! That was my journal entry from 2007. I recently read it, and immediately felt grateful for how far I've come in changing my mindset. I mean, it sounds so negative. I was a huge woe is me, Eeyore kind of person back then, but I have made drastic changes and improvements in my mind over the years. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago

How to Avoid Being An Eeyore + Free Workbook Download

You remember Eeyore?...That dry, depressed, Disney donkey cartoon character. Well, I have had my share of run-ins with Eeyores, especially in my adult life, and I gotta tell ya, it is so unattractive. Men and women alike are walking through life with their heads down, complaining about any and everything around them. That is no way to live. If you see the negative in every situation, the problem is your perspective. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago