Why Most People Won’t Say Sorry

Are you the first to say I’m sorry”, or do you wait until the other person says it, and then you apologize? Is the second person’s apology even valid or genuine? If you are one who says I’m sorry first, and willingly, then you are ahead of the curve, my friend. For years, I was one who didn’t say sorry, and I would try to make the other person feel super guilty so that he or she would feel obligated to apologize first. Most people find it nearly impossible to say those two magic words. Why?



Well, it is because those people perceive saying sorry as losing. How do I know this? Because I was one of those people. Over time I changed, because I decided that I want peace more than I want to be right or to win. Now, I am the first to say sorry. I don’t even care if the other person says it back. It doesn’t matter…to me, anyway.


But why do people see saying “I’m sorry” as ultimate defeat? I asked quite a few people what they thought saying those two little words meant, and almost all of the people I asked gave me a negative view. I honestly believe apologizing first equals a loss to so many people because they feel that they are giving in to the other person and not being heard.