Why God Placed You At Your Job

I have found myself avoiding social media at the beginning of every week, simply because I have grown so tired of scrolling through all of the "I hate Mondays" posts. People only hate what they are doing, because they haven't realized their purpose. If you are one of those people, don't worry. I am going to hook you up in just a minute. (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Sometimes, entrepreneurship just happens. It isn't something that every person consciously considers getting into. If there is a need for something, or if you have a solution to a problem, you can become an accidental entrepreneur before you know it.   I have told my story of accidental entrepreneurship many times, because I am partly awed by what God has done in my life, and partly proud of myself for becoming the woman that my younger self wanted me to become.  (more…)

By Andriea Denise, ago