Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It

Morning Motivation with Andriea DeniseEveryone has been talking about how life used to be so carefree and enjoyable, compared to now. Now, some people have started to say and believe that life has become a chore that we must complete. I’ve heard that life isn’t fair, and that we just have to do the best with what we were given.

While I empathize with these people, I can’t help but disagree to a certain extent. If life has gone from carefree to completely stressful, my friend, it is because that is what you have allowed and accepted into your reality. Sometimes, we go through tough situations, and they cause us to lose sight of the truth, which is we were built tough enough to endure circumstances.  Some people say that they are doing the best that they can, but that may not be entirely true. When you do something with all of your might, things start to move out of your way to allow you to achieve your desired results. I know I wouldn’t stand in the way of a person moving full speed ahead. Would you?

I get it, you might have gotten distracted, but you can always find your way back to your center. Your center is your happiness, your balance. Don’t lean too much to one side and forget about the other part of life.

Now, life isn’t fair to those who compare their story to someone else’s. Then, they will never see balance in their life, because they aren’t looking at their own. Instead, they are looking around and mistakenly assuming that they should have what someone else has, or that they should be doing what someone else is doing.

God may have something greater than what you are looking at and desiring. You have to work on your own purpose, so that you can see what can come of it. In Matthew 25, the bible talks about how the kingdom of heaven is as a man who has to travel afar leaves his “goods” with his servants. He leaves 5 talents with one man, 2 talents with another, and the with the last, 1 talent.

talent is currency, and the Lord gave every man a certain amount according to his ability. The men who were given the five and two talents went out and doubled them. The man who was given one went out and buried his in the ground.

There is so much that we could discover in this chapter of Matthew, but there is only one point I want to make in this article. If you are spending your time looking around at what other people have, or at how hard you think life is, you are burying the talents that you were given.

You have the power to change your thinking, right now. You can begin to be faithful over what you have now. The bible says that if you are faithful over a little, God will make you a ruler over much. (Matthew 25:21)

Take Action: Literally take action and use every talent, skill, and ability you have to serve your purpose on this earth. Make it so that you will be able to say you did EVERYTHING that you could with EVERYTHING that you had.

My Favorite Color Is Purple

My Favorite Color Is Purple

I spent a lot of time, as a child, trying to figure out just who I was on the inside and out. Because my religion dictated what I wore day-to-day, my outward self-expression was a bit stifled. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I started to learn my personal style. As far as who I was on the inside, I struggled to understand my spiritual self, and my self-image was largely determined by whoever I spent the most time with.


I know that many young people face the same struggles as I did. The ones who are allowed by the adults in their lives to develop into the unique beings they were meant to be are considered lucky and rare. Though it’s backwards, most adults are still trying to find out who they are and who they want to be, rather than being clear and operating in their purpose for the greater part of their lives. To know yourself serves the world in a much greater capacity than to be lost and confused.


My favorite color is purple. I learned this fact as an adult, after I was married. How does one make it 25 years without knowing her favorite color, you may ask? I spent a lot of my years trying to please other people. I tried to make them like me, accept me, be proud of me, etc. I was such a chameleon. I became the person I thought I should be to  impress people.


I was a tomboy, and I felt like I was wrong or broken because of it. I loved wrestling around with the boys, playing basketball, and showing off my muscles. I guess nobody really understood me, and made assumptions based on some of my interests. In an attempt to “act” normal, I copied some of the things my sister did and liked. I said that my favorite color was pink, because I figured it was the most feminine, and I was tired of getting brown and black clothing as gifts.


It took a lot of soul searching and life experiences for me to commit to being true to myself and to being honest to the rest of the world. In addition to learning that my actual favorite color was purple, I learned that I prefer to eat differently from the way I had learned to eat growing up. I learned that I prefer to surround myself with people different from the people that I grew up around. I also learned that I have skills and talents that I was purposed to use to help other people while doing work for God’s kingdom. It is important for you to get to know yourself, down to the most simple details.


What things have you learned about yourself, big or small?