No Fear!

No Fear!

First published on November 7, 2016    6:48 AM CST    by Andriea Denise

Morning Motivation with Andriea DeniseNo Fear!

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There are some people who never do anything, because they worry so much about messing up. Conditions very rarely are perfect, so you shouldn’t try to force things to be, or wait until they are.

Many people and entrepreneurs have stepped out, made mistakes, and fumbled around, but they found their ground and are successfully doing what they set out to do with their lives. They say that practice makes perfect, but if you are only going over theory in your head, you are missing out on creating something beautiful. No one has ever created the perfect thing, situation, business, etc. on the first try. The beauty of stepping out there is being able to keep trying and perfecting what you’re doing.

The beauty of stepping out there is being able to keep trying and perfecting what you're doing. Click To Tweet

I’m not saying to jump out there unprepared. I’m simply saying that once you have prepared and set a plan in place, you should trust yourself enough to get out there and try something new. Don’t worry about how it will turn out. Most likely, you will immediately realize what things can be fixed and what things can remain as they are. No worries, and no fear. Fear will only keep you bound in a realm of doing nothing.

Get up and get started. No more excuses!

Have a wonderful day!

Keep Trying. You Will Thank Yourself Later.

Keep Trying. You Will Thank Yourself Later.

Morning Motivation with Andriea DeniseTry again. Whatever it is that you didn’t exactly succeed in doing, you can try again. We’ve been conditioned to believe that whenever something doesn’t work out the first time that it is somehow a sign that we should stop and do something else. Sometimes, it just means that you weren’t ready. Maybe you didn’t have the right tools, knowledge, etc. Maybe the timing was off.

Whatever the situation in the past, it doesn’t matter, as long as you learned something valuable from it. Gather yourself, and try again. It may take several times before you get something right, but in the end, it will have been worth it.


Did You Know?

Did you know that Bruno Mars’ and Mark Ronson’s song “Uptown Funk”, which took the nation by storm over the Summer, had over 80 versions before it was cleared for release? What if he and his team had quit after they didn’t get it right the first or second time. Heck! What if they had quit after the 70th time? Get my drift?

Never give up, no matter how long it takes! As long as you keep trying, you will reach your goals.


Take Action: In the words of Aliyah, “Dust yourself off and try again.”