Sometimes, entrepreneurship just happens. It isn’t something that every person consciously considers getting into. If there is a need for something, or if you have a solution to a problem, you can become an accidental entrepreneur before you know it.


I have told my story of accidental entrepreneurship many times, because I am partly awed by what God has done in my life, and partly proud of myself for becoming the woman that my younger self wanted me to become. 


The Accidental Entrepreneur



When my husband and I started out, we were searching for information to no avail. We asked many people for help, and we came up empty handed. Because we weren’t receiving any help from anyone, we had to teach ourselves how to do different things. After a while, we got used to answering our own questions and figuring things out on our own.


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By the 3rd year of running our business, we looked up and realized that we had learned so many things that we could use to bring in a couple of extra streams of income. Now, we’re grateful that we didn’t have help, because we would have paid out a lot of money to get things done and still not have the knowledge of how to do it or how it works.

Girl Boss Cover3 Traits of An Accidental Entrepreneur

  • You have a talent or skill that people would pay you to use.
  • You provide services or create products¬†for your friends and family.
  • There is something that you enjoy doing that other people typically get paid for.


These things are very common. My aunt used to bake the best cookies. She enjoyed making them for her family, but once people got a taste of them, they were suddenly in demand. She was unofficially in business, because people would call and put in orders for her cookies. She boxed them up, and sold them by the half dozen.


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I gave one of my friends a massage. He liked it so much, he started telling everyone about it. I got hired to give a few more people massages, but then it got weird. I don’t enjoy rubbing strangers down with oil…so…that wasn’t a great business venture for me. But hopefully you get my point. Anything that you’re good at could potentially be a small business waiting to happen.


Have you been doing something that could be turned into a business venture? You just might be an accidental entrepreneur yourself.



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