The Mask Book
What Lurks Beneath The Mask?
Scars? Bruises? Confusion? Heartache? Shame? Bitterness? Desire?

Why do so many Christians fake it? Why have so many people been hurt within the church? This short, spiritual  book gives insightful information on the truth about the Christian church, and provides a helpful guide for navigating scripture, forgiveness, and building a real and lasting relationship with God.

What happens when one is handed doctrine, tradition, and opinion all wrapped up in one message and left to sort it all out on her own? Better yet, what happens when a confused believer in Christ learns to pretend to understand?







Andriea Denise has coined the phrase “spiritual autobiography”, and her new book, The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception is a must read!

The author delves into just how real it gets when a person grows up in the church lacking understanding. She takes the reader through a range of emotions, as she shares honest accounts of her own struggles and triumphs on her journey of building a real and lasting relationship with The Creator. 

Many people live a double life…One life is lived behind closed doors, and the other is lived in the public eye. That’s a lot to keep up with. Too much, in fact. It’s no fun, and it’s a very hard way to live. This spiritual guide teaches you how to rid yourself of the mask and to live a real, more fulfilling life.




If you have:

1. Ever fallen victim to being hurt by someone in the church

2. Ever found yourself being one way in church (or around spiritual people) and a completely different way at home

3. Ever thought “there has to be more to life than this”

4. Ever wondered if faith and miracles are real

5. Ever had the desire to actually become the beautiful, spiritual, strong person that you try so hard to present to the outside world…

This book is for you!




What Other People Are Saying About The Mask


Very Inspiring

I finished the book [in one day]! Very good read! Very inspiring.

Powerful Message of Truth

I just completed reading your powerful message of truth.
I heard you, felt your discovery of self and I embrace the knowledge that you are sharing with the world.
Continue to walk in your God given power, you are called for this season for Truth!


Having read your book, I would have to say it was very
inspirational. The manner in which you presented your experience of
being a child/teenager/adult trying to find your personal relationship with
God was to be commended. Your desire to share this with others to
allow them to face their insecurities and be honest with themselves is
awesome, as most people find it hard to express themselves. Thank you
and may you continue to allow God to lead you in your future endeavors.

Awesome Book!

This book is very inspiring, as it has given a clear view
of how easy it is to hide your true feelings due to shame
or being embarrassed not knowing how to truly live or talk
to God. Awesome book everyone should read this and take
a good look a yourself.

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This book demonstrates the understanding that church hurt goes much deeper than being offended and treated poorly and shows it also includes misinformation, misunderstanding, as well as misrepresentation. This book addresses it all!

In the pages of this autobiography and spiritual guide, you can expect to receive intriguing, relatable stories, and little nuggets of wisdom throughout.


Grab your copy now, and join in the conversation!



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