I am the expert on what not to do by now, because I have made so many mistakes in my own relationships. As a wife, I am guilty of doing these things myself, but I have recently learned to right some of these wrongs, and now I want to help you out. Are you guilty of doing the following things?

Guilty Women

Women Are Guilty of Doing These 5 Things

  1. Taking charge in your relationship and making your man feel unneeded. 

    Learn to take a step back. He was doing perfectly fine when you met him. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t roaming through life like a lost puppy, and you decided to take him home and clean him up. Of course you can do it (Hear me roar!), but he can too.  Allow him to take the lead, even if you think your way is better.

  2. Taking out your anger and resentment on him, because someone else hurt you. 

    We’ve all been here. Some guy or guys broke our hearts, and we move into the next relationship completely on guard, looking for any signs of the previous guys’ behaviors so that we can defend ourselves against the new guy. Poor guy! Cut him some slack, and let him show you that he’s different, before sentencing him to a lifetime of punishment. Or start picking better guys. frog tea

  3. Bringing up an issue every time something happens that you don’t like. 

    Take a page from his book. Men don’t usually rock the boat and bring issues to us, unless it has been really really bothering him. And even those times are very few and far between. Relax a little. If you’re in this, think about the big picture. In the long run, will that toothpaste cap matter at all?

  4. Talking about your relationship too much. 

    Now I haven’t really been one to speak on my marriage to just anyone, but I’ve heard women speak negatively about their husbands a lot. I’m not talking about women looking for relationship advice. I’m talking about women who in casual conversation talk about how their men aren’t worth much and don’t do anything to contribute to the household. Your girlfriends don’t need to hear that kind of negativity, especially when they most likely are looking forward to having a relationship of their own. Besides, your “deadbeat” man is a reflection of you and your bad choices, right? frog tea

  5. Not speaking up when things are good. 

    Obvious right? We hardly ever hold our tongues when things aren’t going so well, but when they are going great, we suddenly forget to compliment and congratulate our men. Let him know how special he made you feel. Tell him what a great job you noticed him doing. Thank him for taking out the trash without you asking. He will make sure he does a lot more things just so he can continue to please you.


Of course this isn’t a conclusive list of things women are usually guilty of doing, but it is some of the most common.


What other things can you think of that we are probably guilty of doing in our relationships?


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