Have you been struggling to find your first client? More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs every day, and new entrepreneurs are in great need of guidance through the ins and outs of business ownership. Because of this need, service-based businesses are in demand. As a new consultant/coach, you may feel a bit inexperienced in working with clients, but there is something that you may not have considered. You have indeed already worked with a client before…you!

Before you ever started running a services-based business, you worked with yourself as your first client. You invested time, energy, money, and more in yourself to educate yourself and to gain experience in doing what you do today. As a result of your hard work and dedication, you were able to help your client (you) build and operate a profitable business.

Now, you are using that same knowledge — and experience that you gained in your line of work — to assist others in achieving similar success. Don’t be intimidated by being a beginner. If you really know your stuff and can relate to people, you will see an increase in your number of booked clients. You can check off the things on the list below, and start feeling more confident as you search out your next client.

Before Your Next Client…

Be sure that you can honestly say the following things:

  • I have educated myself on my field.
  • I am experienced in the field for which I am providing services.
  • I have used the techniques that I advise and have grown successful as a result.
  • I am passionate about helping others to achieve success.

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Of course, the above list isn’t exhaustive, but it should at least make you feel a little more at ease about seeking and servicing your clients to come. You are qualified, and all it takes is a couple of clients to get the ball rolling. You may know someone who is interested in starting his/her own business. You can consult that person for free or at a discounted price, and in return he/she can provide you with a testimonial that you can use on your website.

I hope this helps to lessen the stress of finding clients and getting started. What else would you add to the list above?


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