If this were the 1990s, I might agree that there are some limitations that hold us back from accomplishing some of the things that we desire to accomplish. BUT it isn’t. In fact, in this new millennium, there are so many things that we can do without “permission” or restriction. There is literally no excuse that I am willing to accept from anyone who says that (s)he can’t live his/her dreams.

What are your goals/dreams/desires?


3 Essential Tools for Success


Below are my 3 essential tools for success. I whole heartedly believe that if you have and use these 3 things, you will be headed straight for everything that you desire. These tools places all accountability on you. Be ready to put in the work. No one ever became successful by being lazy. I know what you might be thinking, but if a person has, he/she didn’t stay that way without putting in some work.


3 Essential Tools for Success



You may have heard this before, but desire plays a major role in your success. When you have a desire for something, that feeling/thought won’t leave you alone until it is satisfied. Your desire is what will push you to get exactly what you want.


For example, I love sweets, and at one point in time, I would do anything to have something sweet, whenever the desire would come up. Sometimes, I wanted chocolate so bad that I got out of my bed, (regardless of the time of day or night and regardless of the weather) and went out to the store to get something sweet. This story is important, because it gives a piece of information that helps me to explain the next tool, which is work ethic.


Work Ethic

Desiring something is not enough to obtain it. Your desire drives you to DO SOMETHING. If you really want something, you will do something to get it. This is where a lot of people fail at achieving their goals and dreams. They say that they want something, but they talk about all of the reasons they can’t accomplish getting it.


People who talk about what they want without putting in the work to get it fall into two categories. The first category is “the uneducated”. They just don’t know how to get started on working toward it. The second category is “the lazy”. These people have a dream, but no real desire to obtain it, because they don’t really believe that it is possible to have it. They may even only bring up their dreams, whenever they are around someone who is talking about what (s)he wants to do with his/her life.


People who have real work ethic don’t need permission, or anyone else telling them whether or not the coast is clear. They will educate themselves. They will figure out a way to get started. They will learn from their mistakes. They will keep pushing, until they finally reach their goals. If you found yourself in one of the categories, don’t worry. You can schedule a FREE discovery session with me, to find out where you may be stuck in becoming successful. I touched on this in my description of a person with work ethic, but the third tool is determination.



Determination is a huge part of becoming successful at anything. You can have all of the desire and will to work in the world, but if you ever give up, you’re done son! Seriously, you need to know that there will come a time, or two, or two hundred, where you will run into road blocks, brick walls, and black holes, but you have to be determined enough to keep trying again. Now, I know that people have said this so many times that it might go through one ear and out of the other, but let me give you some examples, so that you can actually hear me when I say it this time.


Example 1
I had always wanted to sing for a living. Actually, I wanted to do a few things, but singing was where I wanted to start. I decided to start singing outside of church, so that I could do it professionally. At my first show, there were 7 people in the audience: my parents, my siblings, and my uncle. I could have given up, believing that no one wanted to hear me sing, except for my family, but I didn’t. I educated myself, and learned that singers have to build fan bases one performance at a time.


Example 2
After I had performed a few shows with very small turnouts, I had landed a performance at a block party. There were so many people there. I was nervous, but excited. I felt like I was finally getting my chance to prove myself as a vocalist, and I just knew that I was going to gain a few hundred fans that night. Other performers were doing their thing, and it was finally my turn. I got on stage, the band started playing my music, and as soon as I opened my mouth to sing, the power went out. I’m talking about a complete blackout happened. There were no lights, no sound, no nothing. I thought it was a sign from God that I wasn’t supposed to be singing anywhere but church.


But something didn’t feel right. My desire to sing professionally was super strong. Even after that night, it didn’t go away. That feeling made me very uncomfortable. I had to do something about it. I decided to try again. I tried and failed many times (not getting certain opportunities, getting the opportunities and singing off key, being taken advantage of, forgetting the words to a song during a performance, my voice cracking at an important part of the song, etc), but eventually, things started to shift. It was almost as if the world had said, “Hey guys, let her through. She’s not going to stop, until we do.”


That is the only reason that I can share with you that I have been a professional singer for over 9 years now. I was determined to reach my goals. Now, I can work on accomplishing other things, as I continue traveling and performing.


You can do all of this too! You got this! For real! I just wanted you to know that there WILL be struggles. You will have to endure some not so great situations in order to get where you want to be. Success is not a straight line. There are twists, turns, and loops (which means you might take a few steps back, before you move forward). Just don’t give up. Use these 3 essential tools for success in your everyday life. Prove to yourself that you can accomplish your goals.


I would love to hear about what you’re working toward…what are your goals/dreams/desires?


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