Most people have been conditioned, through trying life experiences, to be negative thinkers. Because of this conditioning, they have adopted a mindset that reiterates the same lies to them on a daily basis. It doesn’t take a math whiz to understand that constant repetition of anything will program your subconscious to believe it. This is why most people don’t live their dreams, make the money they want, or even find love. 

3 Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself


There are three lies that you should stop telling yourself today, in order to rid yourself of a negative mindset, and to start living a happier and more fulfilled life. Before I share the three lies with you, I want to first show some comparisons between a person with a negative mindset vs. a person with a positive one.


Even the most positive people have negative days, but those who are truly in a positive head space don’t stay there. A negative person already believes that she can’t do something and that the result of her trying will be negative. A positive person will be hopeful and the result will most likely be positive or be handled in a positive manner.


Negative Mindset

For example, a negative thinking person will try to…bake a cake. She’s never done it before, but she already thinks that she’s terrible at it, because her mother is terrible at it, and she believes that she can’t do it. If the cake comes out dark and crispy, or sunken in the middle, she will feel content that she wasn’t good at it, because she already believed that it wouldn’t come out right.


Positive Mindset

In contrast, a positive thinking person will try to bake a cake, and she begins the process, knowing that she has never done it before, but hopeful that it will come out great! If it does come out the way that she hoped, awesome…and if it doesn’t…also awesome! In fact, the positive thinking person may retrace her steps to figure out what she did to get that outcome and what she could do next time to get a better outcome.


Do you see the difference? For one person, a not-so-perfect cake is the end of the world, and for the other, it is perfectly okay, because she can learn from her mistakes and try again later.


It is all too easy to fall into a negative thinking pattern and start to believe the lies that enter your head and mask themselves as your own thoughts. If you fall on the runway, or your voice cracks during a solo, or if that guy you liked turns out to be a jerk, it is okay. You’re still alive, which means that you have another chance to try again.


Below are the three lies that you should stop telling yourself so that you can start thinking more positively and change your situation.


3 Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself

  1. I can’t. 

    Let’s face it. If you think that you can’t, you absolutely cannot. All it takes to change this is to start to believe that you can. Sounds simple, huh? Changing a belief takes some time and a lot of repetition. Think about how long you’ve been thinking that you can’t. It will take some effort to train yourself to believe something different. But I promise, the moment you start to really believe that you can, your entire life will change for the better.

  2. God doesn’t want me to have/do “it”.

    This is a dangerous road to travel down, because it takes all of the responsibility off of you and places it elsewhere. It isn’t God’s fault that you decided not to work toward what you wanted. No one is to blame but you for your lack of work ethic, drive, and education. Even the bible says that faith without works is dead (James 2:17). So, if you neglected to put work to your faith, who is it really that doesn’t want you to have or do what you want? I know that might sound harsh, but I still love you! 😘

  3. I don’t deserve ________.

    Now for a lot of women that I have spoken with, the blank is filled in with the word “love”. Because of several failed romantic relationships, they believe that they just don’t deserve to have love, or that they are just meant to be alone, because things haven’t been going their way. The truth actually may be that they have been choosing wrong or making the same mistakes over and over that have ultimately led them into the same types of relationships as before. I learned a long time ago to check myself first, whenever things weren’t going the way that I wanted them to.

    If my relationships weren’t what I wanted, I had to see what I was doing to attract the kind of guys that were hurting and taking advantage of me. If I wasn’t making the money that I wanted, I needed to figure out what I was doing to keep myself from getting what I wanted. The reason was always in what I was or wasn’t doing. I’m just saying, start with what you can control…yourself. You do deserve to have exactly what you want.

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Have you been telling yourself these lies? What are some other lies that people tell themselves that hold them back from living fulfilled lives?


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