Life gets hard at times, that’s no surprise. What is surprising though is the growing number of people who have not yet adopted the belief that quitting is not an option. So many dreams and passions have been abandoned over the years, for various reasons, but I would like to share why quitting should never be an option.

Quitting Is Not An Option


Giving up on something that is important to us typically comes after hardships. When I was younger, I frequently took breaks from pursuing my dreams. I would push hard, and when something didn’t work out the way I had hoped, I would become discouraged and retreat to my comfort zone.


What I didn’t know at the time was that once a person ventures out and experiences something beyond what they knew before, going back to where he/she was before is no longer possible. Going back is uncomfortable. It doesn’t fit you anymore.


Your mind expands, along with your experience, and you start to receive newer ideas that serve you in the pursuit of your dream. Eventually, I would pick myself back up, and head out on my journey once again. I want you to be encouraged to keep going, and to understand that you cannot quit.


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3 Reasons Why Quitting Is Not An Option


1 You Will Break The Cycle


I have said, on several occasions now, that we are all connected to one another through our purpose (Watch video here). When one person does his/her job of living in purpose, it sparks something in other people to do their jobs and the cycle continues. If you abandon your purpose, you will cause the cycle to be broken, and the person or people that you were supposed to inspire or to spark something within will miss out on their cue and can potentially lead an unfulfilled life.


2 You Will Feel A Lack


Purpose Finder WorksheetWhenever you are not doing what you were created to do, you will feel unfulfilled. Your life will feel as if you are lacking something. A lot of times, that “something” may not be tangible. This is why there are people all over the world searching for something beyond themselves. They can feel that something is missing, but don’t completely understand what that is or why they feel it.

From experience, and through engaging in conversations with others, I have learned that lacking feeling comes from neglecting your purpose. Many people may not understand what their purpose is and that is okay. You can typically find your purpose through following your passions. You can also use my Purpose Finder Worksheet to uncover your purpose.


3 You Won’t See What’s On The Other Side


My mother introduced me to a book called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. It told the story of a person who woke up one day to discover his dream and how he went about pursuing it. It also illustrated other people who had dreams that had dried up and blown away, as a result of neglecting to pursue them. The person with the fresh dream decided to do something with it. On his journey, he ran into so many obstacles.


Though experiencing the obstacles didn’t feel so great, he couldn’t go back to where he was, because he was so far gone into his pursuit. He had to push forward. Discouragement was a very real part of his experience, but he had to press forward. I don’t want to give too many details or spoil the end of the book, but I will say this…If you do not keep going, you will not get to see your dream in its fullness.


Although I have not seen my dream in its complete form yet, I have been experiencing more and more parts of it every year. To think back to when I simply thought or spoke about something that I wanted to accomplish, and to now see those things as a part of my life is so amazing! I thank God on a regular for blessing me to accomplish so much, but I know that if I didn’t move toward those things, I would still be sitting around talking about what I want to do with my life.


Don’t waste another minute neglecting to live in your purpose. If things don’t go as planned, just head back to the drawing board, and try again. Sometimes, it is as easy as getting information from someone else who has been in your situation, or who has the know-how. Gather the things you need, and get back to it.


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What is your dream? Have you been working toward it, or have you slowed down on pursuing it? 

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