Although millions of people keep journals every day, some people view Journaling as a fancy, adult word for keeping a diary. Truth be told, journaling is much more than that. Journaling has many benefits, but I’ll only discuss a few of them in this article. Below are 5 reasons that you should be journaling, along with millions of other people across the world.


5 Reasons You Should Be Journaling

I have been journaling for years, simply because I love to write. A few years ago, I learned that there was a whole community full of people who journal on a regular basis, and they do much more than write down how their day went. This discovery sparked my interest all over again, and got my creative energy flowing. In another article, I will talk about different ways to journal, but for now, let’s dive into some reasons that you should be journaling right now.


5 Reasons You Should Be Journaling


Journaling helps clear your mind.

Human beings have tens of thousands of thoughts per day, and sometimes those thoughts can interfere with our productivity. Thoughts can also cloud our judgement, at times, but keeping a journal helps cut through the clutter. It is helpful to jot down a variety of thoughts, because at some point, we will reach clarity.


Journaling gives you documentation of who you are/were at different stages in your life.

I have an archive of journals that date back to 1994. Did I just tell my age? Whether pleasant, or not so much, I have documentation of who I have been since then. I am able to read through my thoughts and actions from the past, and observe patterns of behavior that I might want/need to change in order to evolve into a better version of myself. If nothing else, documenting your life makes for a great story.


Journaling is a great way to plan and to manifest your desires.

Most people who teach the law of attraction advise that we should write down the things that we want. The bible even states that we should “write the vision, and make it plain” (Habbakuk 2:2). I keep a separate manifestation journal from my normal day-to-day journal, and so far, everything that I have written down has come true. The key is to write the things that you want in present tense, and as an object of gratitude. This is how I set up my pages:


“I am grateful to God that:”

“I am having an amazing day full of fun and laughter.”

I continue the list as long as I want, and I fill the pages with the things that I most desire. By the end of the night, I can go through the list and see the things that happened the way that I intended. When looking at the things that are more long term, I am able to observe the progress that I made toward them. 


Journaling is therapeutic.

Just as journaling can help clear the mind, it can also help you to ease anxiety, and to work through issues without making brash decisions that you might regret later. When you are angry, writing your thoughts can help you release that anger without subjecting someone else to hearing it, before you get to your clear, real feelings. Writing is a healthy way to release and to relax. This is why many people journal at the end of the day.


Journaling is a great way to leave a legacy.

With an archive of journals that are full of your past thoughts and experiences, you could leave a legacy of truth and interesting stories that allow younger generations to get to know you intimately. Think about it. We let people in on some things, but not all. We share what we are comfortable with, and though some people get close enough to know us well, no one ever truly knows us the way that we allow our journals and other creative works to know us. I get excited at the thought that younger people will come to know my triumphs as well as my struggles, so that they won’t beat themselves up trying to be perfect. I have insecurities, shortcomings, mess-ups, etc. and I want to share that if it will help someone else.


Do you currently journal? If not, are you inspired to start?


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