It’s amazing what one can learn when she stays open, awaiting opportunity. I sat next to a woman, in my own world, working on something creative. Some vibration sparked a conversation about death, and we swapped stories. Her story included her mother-in-law who had just passed last week. She casually mentioned that the dearly departed was well-known, and being one who is all about the legacy I am striving to build, I probed. 


“What is her name?”

“Barbara Crane”, she said.


Of course, I immediately opened another window in my Google Chrome browser and typed in her name. Up popped several links to her Wikipedia page, her website, news clippings, galleries, and so much more. I soaked in the dates (1928-2019). Ninety one years! She built legacy alright. Her work still hangs on display in museums and art institutes around the nation. Fascinating! 


I aim for my work and my name to live on forever, on display, in conversations. Though I can be googled right now, there are no news clippings or people wanting to interview me right now. I don’t yet have a Wikipedia page. I still have work to do. Head down, faith up, on purpose kind of work. 


I would love to know of other people who have built beautiful legacies. I love to find people whose work mattered greatly to others, who weren’t necessarily celebrities in the limelight. 


I strive to matter (person and body of work) in my own world too. I will.

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