Here, you will find everything you need to know about your purpose in life. Learn to lay the foundation with basic knowledge. Then, build a life of fulfilling experiences on purpose.


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  • empty table surrounded by water purpose burnout
    How to Avoid Purpose Burnout Finding your purpose can feel like one of the most eye-opening experiences you can ever encounter. The excitement is overwhelming. As soon as you understand your purpose, you dive in head-first and get to work.   As you work on purpose, making a difference in
  • ultimate guide to finding your purpose blog graphic
    The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Purpose In Life by Andriea Denise Andriea Denise is a purpose pusher to the core. She is an author who educates people on spiritual matters in life. She is an entrepreneur who has worked in marketing for over ten years, and she is an
  • arrow pointing to purpose
    If you don’t already, you should know that you are here on earth for a specific reason. The reason for your existence is that you have a purpose to serve. In my last last few posts, we laid the foundation of purpose, by discussing what purpose is and the truth
  • truth about purpose
    Now that we have laid the foundation and have discussed what purpose is, it’s important that you understand the truth behind purpose.   Relax. There is no hidden information…no secrets. I’m sharing because I don’t want you to jump into this selfishly. While serving purpose often leads to popularity and
  • sun rising on purpose
    You often hear the word “purpose” thrown around by spiritual leaders and self-proclaimed gurus, especially in the age of the entrepreneur, but do you really know what purpose means?   When you were a child, you might have used the excuse “I don’t know” to explain why you did something
  • woman crying
    I have never been a fan of people telling others to stop crying, or worse, to man or woman up, as if men and women don’t have human emotions and need to release from time to time. Instead, I have always felt that crying was healthy. I’ve seen what happens
  • bench at sunset
    It’s Friday evening, and instead of meeting up with friends at a happy hour spot, I am sitting at my home office desk, surrounded by paper scraps and journal making materials, listening to YouTube videos on my phone about generating multiple streams of income, positive thinking, and other motivational topics,
  • I have been involved in conversations with so many people who tell me what they dream of having or doing in their lives, but they are so far away from those things that they are almost embarrassed to say it out loud. Do you see yourself in this scenario? After giving