I literally don’t know. This post will simply be a brain dump, I guess. It’s hard to create during a learning phase. I’ve been soaking in information for the last week or so. I can tell when I’m entering into a new phase. My energy is spent in cycles. I have a TV phase, where all I do is watch multiple shows and movies. It’s not in vain, though. I believe I’m looking for something…inspiration perhaps. Searching for a new idea even. 


Then, there’s my learning phase, where I watch educational videos, read books and articles, conduct research, engage in deep conversations, etc. This is where I am now. I also have a social phase…yes, me. I spend time around groups of people, attending parties, playing games, etc. Those interactions usually end up producing a situation where I get to help someone, or I find a new piece of myself that I didn’t know existed. Finally, I have my creative phase, where I make things with my hands, write something, develop something, design something. This is the most fun of all the phases, but honestly, I don’t think I would ever get to that phase, if I didn’t engage in the others first. 


Creation comes from inspiration within. And that inspiration is almost always influenced by something externally. Writing has come easily over the last few days, because the experiences I wrote about were either on my mind or right in my face. All I had to do was document the content. The last couple of days, I have been busier, not as observant, and as a result, this piece of writing reflects that. 


I do wonder what I will create, the next time that phase in my cycle comes around. I’m always grateful for new ideas and the process of creation. Those things drive me. I wonder about other people’s processes. Are they similar to mine, or completely different? Do they search for inspiration or do they sit in silence until something comes to them? 


I’m sleepy. Random, but true. Done typing. My nails are too long for this. I’ll get them cut down when I get them done on Sunday. Sleep. Now.

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