A couple of weeks ago, I learned a very valuable lesson: I have a choice to either conquer obstacles and adversity that I come across or cry about it. Now, I knew this already, but sometimes when I’m in the middle of an experience, I forget what I already know, and need to be reminded. This particular situation, though, sealed the lesson in for me. 


The situation…

I started a new job that is 35 minutes away from my home, but on public transit, it takes 1 1/2 hours to make the commute. The first day, I dreaded the entire process.

I’m terrible with directions, and I had a bad attitude about having to stand, walk, and get lost in Chicago’s Winter cold.

The next day was easier, but I still complained, felt sorry for myself, and thought about quitting my job just because I felt uncomfortable. I was coming home exhausted mentally and physically, so I had no time to work on my dream.

I skipped working on my own projects, and went straight to bed. That led to me feeling even more frustrated and unfulfilled.

I made it through my first week at the new location, and over the weekend, I threw a pity party for one, thought about my situation, weighed my options, and finally made a decision.

I decided to make the best of my current situation. I remembered that I was only doing what I had to do in order to be able to do what I want to do. This was not how my life would be forever. This was just my time to be in this place for a certain purpose. The next week went completely different, even though nothing changed except for my mind.



I got organized. I planned out my week. I prepared my lunches. I packed my bag with notebooks and workout clothes. On the train, I worked on my brand, on improving my marketing materials and E839, I’m doing all of that with the help of themarketingheaven.com, I hear quite a lot of artists use them nowadays. I composed emails, responded to messages, interacted on my social media sites. I created content, planned out new products, made phone calls, etc. I gave my best at work, and on my lunch break, I ate quickly, and spent the rest of the time working on my dream. On my commute back, I worked some more. I stopped at the gym before I went home, determined to use my time wisely and to reach all of my goals.


By the time I walked through my front door, I felt accomplished, fulfilled, paid, and energized. I had done more than I did the week before, but I had more energy, and I was feeling much better. I conquered my adverse situation. Technically, I cried about it too (LOL), but the important thing is that I did something about it.


You see, there is beauty in every situation. Being uncomfortable lit a fire under my butt, and sent me into overdrive to make something happen. I’ve been much more consistent, focused, and determined. And ya know what? I’ve been making much more progress than before. I feel more purposeful in my actions. I’ve made more money. I’ve created more impactful content. I’ve connected more with others. My time is very valuable to me, and because I don’t have much of it to waste these days, I’m very intentional with how I choose to spend it. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable sometimes. It just may be good for you.


Make a note to yourself that it is okay to cry about it, as long as you do something about it. I don’t know what your adverse situation is, but it doesn’t matter. It can be overcome. If you’re still here, you have what it takes to endure. There is a time for everything. If there is nothing that you can do about your current situation, it only means that it’s time for you to deal with it. When it’s time to come out of your situation, a solution will present itself to you. Be open and watchful so that you can easily recognize the different times.

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  1. Awesome post and reminder!! It was just the inspiration I needed this morning. Thank you for always speaking your truth.

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