So many of my clients come to me for entrepreneurship coaching, and while I have many tools, skills, and abilities to use to help with, there is one thing that I can’t do. I cannot do the work for them! I love coaching, but I am also running my own business. I have to do my own work.

Do the Work!


To be very specific, most people feel that they need all of the “right” answers before they get started, but that is the very thing that will keep them standing still forever. There is no completely perfect combination of actions that can be taken that will automatically ensure success. The truth is, success comes from a person making a series of relentless decisions to achieve their goal.


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Most people who seek out the services of a coach are already on the right track. They are using someone else’s experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills in order to better position themselves in their businesses. Kudos! Once you have some insight and direction, it’s time to get moving. In fact, the thing that I say the most to my new clients, is to just start. Do the work, and you will start to get a better idea of what could be altered.


Do the Work!

Don’t put too much energy into going through every little scenario in your head before you get started. Whatever the entrepreneurial endeavor is, it belongs to you. You can mold it whichever way you choose, and if you decide later that you want something different, you can change it. Nothing is set in stone. As you grow and change, your brand can evolve with you. Just get started!


Have you been stalling on a project, because you want everything to be perfect first?

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