Everybody is on their hustle, trying to make some thing happen, but there is one problem with this.¬†Forcing results is not the right way to go about handling your business. I know you’ve probably heard the saying “grass doesn’t try to grow, it just does.” That’s what it was created to do, right? We were all born for greater purpose, and we were all meant to be great.


There is no reason to force anything. If you have educated yourself, and put a plan together, all you have left to do is execute. Sounds simple, huh? I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of work involved in whatever your project may be. I am saying, though, that you can just work your plan, instead of worrying and stressing at the same time.

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Don’t Force It

If you find that something isn’t to your liking, or that something should be tweaked a bit, you can go back and make changes. When you are committed to your business, and you plan to be in this for the long haul, you shouldn’t feel the need to force anything. I know that we all want to start a business and become millionaires within the first few months, but patience is key here. Think about how it feels when things are flowing well, and then compare it to the feeling you get whenever things are slow and choppy.


Don’t force it. Be patient and work your plan. It works, I promise! One thing that gives me crazy inspiration and motivation to keep pushing is taking a periodic look back at my career so far. It’s so cool to see how far I’ve come in such a short time. That makes me want to continue on my path. With that kind of motivation and attitude, success is inevitable.


Have you been trying to force things to happen with your endeavors?

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