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Write the Vision (Workshop)
The Vision Writing Workshop helps participants to develop their thought-editing processes, promotes positive thinking, and provides helpful tools for goal setting and achievement. Participants learn the 4 parts of vision writing and engage in fun, thought-provoking writing activities that stimulate creative and observational thinking. This workshop is perfect for learning to write your vision, develop a plan of action, execute properly, and ultimately achieve your goals.


From Passion to Purpose & Profit (Workshop) 
From Passion to Purpose & Profit is an interactive workshop that teaches the basics of starting a business. The workshop equips participants with practical steps to develop a business plan and provides in-depth knowledge of brand building. Whether you are interested in opening a brick-and-mortar storefront or starting a service-based business, this workshop will place you on the track to success.


Healing from Church Hurt
Have you been hurt by someone in the church? Have you forgiven and moved on? Do you know how to even  begin the process of forgiveness and release? This powerful talk will help you to heal, elevate, and move forward with a new perspective on your offenders.


Personal Branding
Learn how to brand yourself and to be intentional with each decision you make for your personal and professional life.


Removing the Mask
Most people learn to pretend to be rather than to authentically be. This soul-stirring session will show you how to snatch off your mask, reveal the real person underneath it, and to begin the work necessary to match the person you are now to the person you desire to be.


The Art of Witnessing
Dear Believer, you may have been witnessing all wrong all along. Well, maybe not wrong, but not as effectively as you could. However, after this in-depth session, you will not only see witnessing in a new light, but you will be equipped with the tools to impact lives in a major way!


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