First published on November 3, 2016    12:51 AM CST    by Andriea Denise

Morning Motivation with Andriea Denise

Expect Greatness.

When you set an intention, be sure to NEVER EVER expect anything less than what you have set you have intended to be. This is important, because you want to send one, clear message, rather than sending mixed signals. I’ll explain. If you say that you want a certain job, it doesn’t make sense for you to apply to other jobs, because your actions contradict the intention you set.

I constantly talk about putting actions behind your faith. Well, the bible said it first, but you get my point. If I say that I want to be healthier, and then start eating junk foods on a regular, I am going against what I said I wanted for myself. Set your intention and move only in that direction, holding on to your faith that it WILL happen. Go in expectation.

When you say that you want something, pray for something, etc, you should know without a doubt that you are (in that moment) already receiving what you have asked for. Get bold with your life. Stop doubting yourself. You are headed in the right direction, and if you would only hold on, you will get to see things open up and change in your favor.

Keep at it, friend!


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