Believe it or not, there is always a positive side to every situation. Even when we can’t see it or refuse to look for it, it is there. A lot of times, people take negative happenings as a sign that they will never get the things they really want. And because of this thinking, they stop trying.

I just want to let you know that nothing can keep a person down who is determined to keep getting up. Focus on the things that make you feel good. Focus on what you actually want. That way, when things don’t go exactly as planned, you will be able to see passed it and keep pushing toward the next mark.

Be tough enough to withstand adversity. Besides, those are the times we get to show what we’re really made of. Anybody can stay strong and happy during the good times.

Has anything ever tried to knock you down and keep you there, but you got up and kept it moving? I’d love to hear your positive story! 

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