Depending on how long you’ve been following me and/or reading my content, you may have heard/read me saying that your life experiences are the result of your thinking. I have also always shared many ways in which you could achieve training your mind to change your life. Even the bible states that we should “write the vision.” And I have no plans of straying from that practice. Keep reading to learn how to get your mind right with writing.

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I have applied the same advice that I am sharing with you today. You should know (if you don’t already) that you can write yourself into a good mood, get to know yourself better, change your thoughts, and change your life. Think about the things you want for yourself, your family and friends, the world around you. What would you change? How would that change make you feel?


How to Get Your Mind Right with Writing


Step One: Observe Your Current Thoughts

Track your current thoughts about the things that you would like to change about your life. Think about your current situation and circumstances. Write down your real beliefs about all of the things you thought about. It is important that you don’t lie to yourself. If you write down what sounds better than what you actually think, you will not succeed in making any real changes.


Step Two: Write Down Your Desired Outcomes

I’m not sure that there is a need for further explanation here, but there is something important that you should know. When writing what you desire, be sure to write in the present or past tense. When you write in future tense, it gives the impression that you are lacking and wanting of something. Instead, write as if it is already happening, or as if it has already happened. 


Yes. It is that easy. This is a two-step process. I admit that it isn’t as easy to change your beliefs about anything, but it is not a major, complicated process to take on. When you want anything, your mindset has to match what you want. Otherwise, you will never see change, because you don’t believe that you will have what you desire. Good luck on your journey, friend.


I would love to know about your progress in getting your mind right. How has your mind/life changed, since you tried this two-step process?

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