How to Avoid Purpose Burnout

Finding your purpose can feel like one of the most eye-opening experiences you can ever encounter. The excitement is overwhelming. As soon as you understand your purpose, you dive in head-first and get to work.


As you work on purpose, making a difference in the world around you, you may not notice if you are a bit overzealous. You’re focused and on point, but if you ever stop to take a look around, you may notice that some other areas of your life have gone neglected.


Working in overdrive on your purpose is commendable, but unnecessary. Watch the video below, as I explain how to avoid purpose burnout, and the signs to look out for.




Purpose Burnout is a very real thing that should be avoided at all costs. Knowing your purpose and operating in it to the best of your ability is the goal…not how much ground you can cover in the shortest period of time.


Why You Should Avoid Purpose Burnout

You should avoid Purpose Burnout because it is important to maintain a well-rounded life. You want to be on purpose and to be happy in all other areas of your life. 


If one or more parts of your life are neglected, your level of happiness will be on the decline. Nobody likes dealing with failing health or close family members who are unhappy with her. You should focus on every area of your life with enough attention to each to maintain balance.



Areas of Life to Focus On

Below are some common areas of life you may want to work to balance out. 


Health & Wellness

Focus on yourself first. You can’t help anyone else if you aren’t okay. Make sure you get enough rest, maintain a balanced diet, take care of your body, and cater your overall well-being, before lending a hand in service to anything or anyone else.


This is NOT selfish; it is very necessary for you to take care of you first. That way, you will be able to offer yourself to other things.



Like every other thing that is valuable to you, your relationships need attention to stay healthy. Your friends, family, and companion are your support system. However, you can’t only take from these relationships. You have to give.


Pour your time, love, and other positive energy into nurturing your relationships. When you need to lean on them, they’ll have something to offer, because you have spent time cultivating your relationship with them.



Your work is meaningful and close to your heart. Of course, you should give your time and attention to your work. It’s tied to your purpose, afterall, and you want to dedicate your efforts to your work. Just remember to focus on the enjoyment of doing your work as well as the value you are bringing to others as a result.



Oh yes! You can’t forget about recreation. Work hard, play hard, right? The only catch is that work can feel like play, when you are operating in your purpose. But work is work, and play is play. That means, if you’re a fashion stylist, you may love dressing up, shopping, and playing in accessories. To the outsider, though, specifically family and friends, it may look like you’re still working. That could cause problems.


Take some time to enjoy other things that interest you during your “play” time. Doing this promotes balance and allows you to explore other interests. Who knows, you may even find some inspiration while engaging in different activities.


Follow these simple guidelines, and you will avoid Purpose Burnout for sure. What other areas might you be able to focus on to gain balance in your life?