Ahh…the feeling of scratching something off my daily to-do list is incomparable. I love journaling for productivity, and it makes me feel accomplished to look back on all that I have done throughout the day. This shall be a fairly short post, because this topic is pretty self-explanatory.

Increase Productivity with Journaling

I love journaling the old-fashioned way, but I have found that I thoroughly enjoy using a journal to increase my productivity at work throughout the day. When I write things down, it makes me feel as if I am playing a game. I work to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, so that I will have the pleasure of scratching them off my list.


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If you are interested in journaling for productivity, follow the steps below.

  1. Get a notebook or journal.
  2. Write down today’s date and a list of things you’d like to complete for the day.
  3. Put the things you listed in order from smallest (easiest) to largest (most complicated) tasks.
  4. Work.
  5. As you complete tasks, scratch them off the list. You may also highlight, star, etc. depending on how you prefer to mark your lists.


I told you this would be short. This process is super easy. Because of this, you can add whatever you want to make your pages aesthetically pleasing, if you so choose. Otherwise, you’re done. Lots of men journal this way. They keep track of their ideas and their tasks for their work days. Some women adhere to this method as well. Many use entrepreneurs journal for productivity, and they create bullet journals to do so. We’ll talk more about bullet journaling later. Until then, enjoy getting more work done.


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