This collection of letters was drafted in love, and in the hopes that my sisters and brothers in Christ are awakened to the seriousness of our calling and our charge as believers. While I am empathetic to our earthly circumstances, I am apathetic to excuses. You may find that reflected in the language and tone of my writings. These letters were written with great care and urgency, and I hope they are received in that same light.


I am but a servant, not claiming to be higher or more advanced than my Christ family. I am, however, serious about my purpose and calling. I am also serious about reaching my fellow Believers, and bringing us together to do our work as members in the Body of Christ.


My letters range from encouragement to admonishment, but all were given, and are intended to be received, in love. It is my wish that these letters are circulated among your groups and discussed, not in analysis of the author or of the letters themselves, but in examination that leads to the enhancement of the work you are currently doing in Christ.